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Terms and conditions

1. The Geoffrey Deacon Racing Crew leases horses to race from Geoffrey Deacon Training or the horse's owners / breeders to be trained by Geoffrey Deacon 

2. The Geoffrey Deacon Racing Crew is a club not an ownership syndicate. Membership is paid on an annual or monthly basis with a fixed term of one year. Membership costs will be £25 per month or £45 for a couple

3. Members must commit for one year's membership, then if wishing to leave the member must give two months' notice.

4. If membership fees are unpaid for one month, then membership will automatically cease.

5. Subscription is taken via a direct debit online secure system.

6. By leasing horses, the Crew offers members the chance to be involved in horseracing as owners – enjoying the competitive action, entertainment, social fun, networking opportunities, victories (and the occasional downs) that an owner experiences – yet without the cost and responsibilities that full ownership entails. 

7. Geoffrey Deacon will make all the decisions regarding training and racing plans for all the horses – if any do not show enough ability to be competitive or fail to offer the Crew the fun required, they will join the "transfer" list and will be rehomed for a new career or returned to their breeders.

8. Looking further ahead, the Crew management team can develop and tailor the racing model as the Crew establishes – either with more horses for the Crew for a bigger racing experience or, for those who might like ownership at a higher degree or a more bespoke basis, we can develop "sub-Crews" set up for individual preferences.

9. Members will be fully communicated to via Whatsapp, newsletters, the website, at the regular meetings, stable visits and days out and about.

10. The Geoffrey Deacon Racing Crew will endeavour as far as possible for two/three horses to be leased by the Crew at any one time, running when fit and healthy. 

11. The number of free owners badges and tickets to the races when the horses run will be dependant on availability from the racecourses. Members will need to confirm to The Geoffrey Deacon Racing Crew management team that they wish to go racing. If more people wish to go than available paddock passes and owners' badges, names will be put into a ballot for each race day. Those who have not been allocated owners badges previously will go ahead of others in the ballot.

12. There will be one ticket for one person, unless two individuals have a couples' membership.

13. If demand on race day is higher than owners' badges, as far as possible The Geoffrey Deacon Racing Crew will endeavour to source a number of discounted tickets over and above the free allocation. Availability will be reliant on racecourse policy.

14. If any member is deemed by the Crew's organisers to have acted inappropriately in any way, they will be asked to leave the Crew and their membership and Crew benefits, will cease.

15. If any horse is sold by the owners  within the lease period, Deacon and the Crew management team will endeavour to source a suitable replacement. 

16. Prize-money: any prize-money funds will go into the Club's management pot and will go towards training fees. This helps ensure we can keep the membership costs low.

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